Godlike Eloboosting

We Provide Quick and Quality Boosting and Coaching at a Discount!

Live chat with your ELO Booster

Thanks to our live chat feature, chatting with your Booster is available from the time your order is picked by the system. Asking about picks, favors or even getting few tips and tricks from them is possible. We value your trust in our service and our goal is to make you a better player.

We value security

The safety and security of your account is a priority for GodLike. All our ELO boosters use a VPN in order to ensure the safety of your account. In addition, all our boosters turn off the chat feature while playing on your account, preventing your friends from seeing your booster online.

Track easily your match history

As our boosters will not play more than 15 games in a row, you can always refer to your in-game match history tab in order to download and watch some of the games played by your booster. This will enable you to check how our boosters are doing in your games.

How we work

Quick Easy

We have a fully automated website from when you pick Boosting or Coaching ELO service until we complete it for you. All you have to do is Sign-up to enjoy the full ELO service.

Choose your Service

We offer all types of services ranging from Division boosting to one on on coaching with only the best coaches available for your needs.

Place your order

Once you’ve identified and selected the needed service, just fill in the simple form, choose your preferred payment method and pay.

Follow your order

Within our client portal you can easily track the progress of your order from the moment it’s placed, to when it’s picked by the booster with his name until completion.

Enjoy the service

In case you choose not to follow your order in our system, we will be sending you a notification to your email once the service is completed.