May 02, 2018

ELO Boost

ELO Boosting

When it comes to playing League of Legends, we all wish that we had more time to spend playing to get our characters ranked where we want them to be. A great way to do this is through Boosting, MMR Boosting, ELO Boosting, ELO-Jobs or any other term that you want to give it. This is where you can have professional gamers play your characters to achieve a specific goal or ranking for a specific predetermined fee. Whether you are looking for a specific accomplishment, ranking, or to reach a specific division, this is a great way to achieve that goal when you don't have the time that it takes.

How it Works

Essentially, when you sign on for an ELO boosting service, a professional player or “booster” gets the access to your username and password. This allows the booster to play on your account for the period of time that achieving your order and no more. It will allow them to spend the time that it will take playing to achieve the ranking or accomplishment that you signed up for. There is no need to worry about the booster taking any additional time playing your account or interacting with you more than you want. Throughout the process, your personal account information and private details are never accessed and never messed with. Ever. Only what you signed up for, professionally done, and courteous service, always.

Who Does The Boosting

Sure, it's easy to wonder what kind of people spend the time to do the boosting itself, but the real truth of the matter is that they are players just like you. The difference comes in that this is what they do professionally. These people are usually Diamond 1, Masters or Challenger Tier players . They play LoL many hours per day and have the knowledge and experience that a casual player would be lacking. So if you are in need of ELO boosting, why not hire someone that does it for a living? Just one time and you will understand why boosting not only works, but allows your characters to excel as well.

Types of Boosting Services

While this list of boosting services isn't all encompassing, it can give you a head start to understanding some of the boosting services out there. Here are just a few of the services that we can and do offer: Ranked Wins Boost, League Boosting, Promotion Boosting, Champion Mastery, Placement Matches, Normal Matches, Coaching, and many others. If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask. Afterall, if you think you might be interested in the service, the best way to find out for sure is to ask the tough questions and get the answers you need to make an educated decision.

How Long Does Boosting Take

Depending on which division or tier that you are looking at attaining, accomplishment time may vary. Afterall, it comes down to time spent playing the game and how the game is played. While our players are top tier, there are other variables that may be in place. Some of these variables are the presence of other orders that we are fulfilling that have been placed prior to yours. Another one is the availability of the people that we have doing boosting for you. If they are currently waiting for a project, if they are working at the moment, illness, etc.. If you decide to get a boost, we should be able to give you a ballpark figure before you place your order.

Is There a Downside to ELO Boosting?

While the intent to benefit of the boosting is for the ranking of the bostee, there is a very small chance that a penalty could be applied to both the booster and the booster. This is a very uncommon thing, but has been known to happen. The positive side of things is that we take certain protections against repercussions such as: Private VPN protections, appearing offline during the boosting process, and the ability for you to watch the boosting take place with a smurf account. We go the extra mile to ensure that your boost is done the right way, safely, to ensure you get the best possible product each time.

Why Boost?

When it comes down to it, should you or should you not choose to pay for an ELO boost? Well that depends ultimately on you. What are you looking for out of the game and out of your champions? If you are feeling bogged down and not having much fun in a lower division, a boost may put you into a higher division where you can get more of hte LoL experience that you are looking for. If you have a low MMR, this can be a great way to fix that problem. If you are looking to catch up to your friends or show them how high you have risen, his is a good choice. If you are happy trudging through the process, then it probably isn't for you. Afterall, it's all about dedicating hours to the craft and gaining the knowledge and the experience that professional boosters already have acquired through the same. If are thinking about it and are on the fence, then all it takes is to ask the questions and get the answers that can help you decide if boosting is for you.