May 31, 2017


Runes Reforged

One of the exciting up and coming changes for season 8 of League of Legends comes in the form of an updated system for runes and masteries. This update will combine the two by this November when season seven comes to an end. The idea behind all of this is to put together a more efficient and simplified system for both player augments in the game. Runes reforged will offer up the new runes free of charge to players. This comes with a broad range of different abilities to grant attack bonuses, pets and other bonuses that might make you think differently when it comes to strategies on the battlefield

The Patch Ahead

There is a lot of things that we don't know about this upcoming patch, what we can see is exciting. There are screenshots and examples of an upcoming rune system that is coming to light that give us a hint at what we can expect moving forward. An article by Brittany Vincent in Mic gives us a great look at a piece from Riot PLS in which New001 showed off a new keystone: Berserk, which will grant its users a 60% attack speed bonus and raise in attack speed cap for a short amount of time. Perxie is a keystone that gives players a pet that can offer a shield for their teammates. Also, Major runes, like Overheal, will provide shields that take the place of regular health until you can overheal. Check out the video on the link to see exactly what we are looking forward to in the patch ahead.

The Wait Ahead

Although there are some exciting changes coming, unfortunately we are still going to have to wait until season 8 comes out. Check out some of our other articles to see when we can expect to see season 8 drop. In the meantime, keep your ears open for other information on this exciting patch and all of the other stuff coming down the pipe for League of Legends. While this is just a snippet, there is sure to be this and much more to enjoy.