September 14, 2017


Speculating on Season 8

If you are like most of us, you are waiting with bated breath for just a sneak peak giving you some insight on the up and coming season 8 of League of Legends. However that does not mean that we cannot have some fun while enjoying what's left of season 7 of LoL. Yes, it is that time of year when we start looking forward to the season 8, as traditionally many of the new seasons have started around the November/December timeframe, and all of the changes and improvements that are likely to come with it. So, if you are like many of us, and looking forward to these changes, the best thing that we can do now is to speculate when season 8 is likely to start based off on history. Although there is a lot of uncertainty, that does not mean that we can’t enjoy the speculation and the build up to the start of season 8. So, get ready to whatever the next season brings, and bring your “A” game to the close of season 7, because we sure will.

Looking Back to Look Forward

While nothing has been officially announced, as Riot is probably the only one’s that actually knows when the new season will drop, we can base our theories off previous season start dates. Using that methodology, we can assume that season 8 will begin sometime in the beginning of December. This assumption can be made because season 7 started last year on December 7th. Subsequent years, such as season 6 ending on November 7th as well. It appears that having a one month period between these two dates gives developers time to clean up glitches or any other issues that present themselves during the testing period before the new season gets to us. Which works out great because It all results in a much better playing experience for all of us. That is, not to say there are not a few things to clean up along the way.

Confirmed Changes

Sure, it is only natural that there is a lot of specular about season 8, with such a large community looking forward to its launch; but there are a few confirmed changes that we can count on. The first of these changes is that the game’s rune system is being changed considerably for the better. Most notably, Riot is making the runes free and is making rune farming essentially a thing of the past, much to the relief of many of us. For questions on the new rune system and how it is projected to work, you can find it all here: rune system. Secondly, and probably as equally as important, there is a series of new keystones which will offer up some pretty considerable changes by way of the game’s current method of playing.

Simplifying the Rune System

When it comes to the rune system in LoL, complicated can be an understatement. First off, being so complicated to formulate and balance means that they can be more than a headache to the average player. With the current rune system having 60 slots, the fact that most of them lack significant impact on how your champion plays is a headache in itself. In the new system, those required stats that were previously held in these slots will be moved to the background, thus making it easier to focus on making it easier for you to focus on the things that actually matter. Bringing the keystone system into play will give you the configuration of one keystone slot, one Major rune slot, and two Minor rune slots to work with. It will be interesting to see how this all actually plays out during gameplay, but it should be beneficial to all players to simplify a previously complicated process. Making the process easier, will more than likely make it more enjoyable as a result.

Refunds All Around

With the new pre-season and season for season 8 offering up free runes, what happened if you already spend your IP on purchasing the ones that you need? Thankfully, Riot has announced that they will refund any IP spent on runes from May 30th of this year on. If you have a rune in mind and are thinking about making a purchase, go ahead and buy it and you will receive your refund as soon as they get around to issuing them. However, it is important to note that this reimbursement does not include rune pages. Riot Cactopus wrote. “We will refund you later. We were originally going to roll these changes out with our bigger announcement in September, but we wanted to put this out there now since many of you have been asking about rune prices.” So, it's official get your runes now, get your IP back later.

Post Season 7 Happenings

Aftering getting that end of season notification and the ultimate end of season 7, what happens next? Well, actually a lot of things happen post season 8. For one thing, season rewards will be up for grabs for those of us lucky enough to earn them. There are certainly plenty of them, so here’s hoping that you are lucky enough to get some yourself, rather than being on the outside looking in. If you think you might be in line for rewards, or are just curious, check out some of the rewards here to know exactly what you could be looking at. Yes, there are some great rewards out there, so here is to working hard and grinding out the end of the season to earn some of them.

Stay Tuned

While there is not a whole lot of information out there on season 8 confirmed, the amount information and press releases can only increase in coming months. After All, the projected season 7 end and season 8 start date is only a few short months away. So, if you are excited like us, stay tuned as we keep you as informed as the up and coming season 8 of League of Legends.